The Biscuit Bowl

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Ever get tired of the season ending too soon? Wish you could get the boys together for one more shot at hockey before hitting the links for the summer? Here's your chance. Our 5 on 5 tournament features one competitive bracket.

Entry fees are $3250/team. 11-19 players per team including the goaltender. $10000 cash prize to the winning team, $5000 to second place. Be prepared for fast paced, competitive hockey.

 Biscuit Bowl format


5 on 5 format:

Each team will designate one team captain. This captain will be the individual registering the team, and the main contact for the team. Captains will be responsible for ensuring all dressing rooms are kept clean and tidy upon leaving the room.

Three game guarantee gives you the ability to lose 2 games and still battle your way back to the championship game. There are two brackets, the winners bracket and the losers bracket. Each teams first game is in the winners bracket. The winning team stays in this bracket and the losing team moves to the losers bracket. Teams in the losers bracket have a chance to battle their way back to the championship game. If you end up in the losers bracket, you may end up playing as many as ten games to battle your way back to the championship game.

Each game will consist of two 15-minute runtime periods with a 5-minute pregame warm-up and 3-minute intermission in which teams will switch sides. Championship Game in each division will be three 20 minute runtime periods.

Minimum of 10 players and 1 goalie, maximum of 17 players and 2 goalies per team.

Floods after every game.

No timeouts permitted.

Pucks will be supplied for warm-up.

You will need to supply your own set of light and dark jerseys.

The tournament will be held in the Edmonton Area.

5 on 5 rules:

All regular hockey rules apply to each game. Helmets must be worn at all times on the ice surface.

- No Body Contact or fighting. Fighting will result in expulsion from the tournament. Teams will be able to continue playing given that they still have a minimum of 8 skaters, excluding the goaltender.

- If three or more expulsions occur on the same team, the entire team will be expelled from the tournament and entry fees will be forfeited. Any team scheduled to play the expelled team will receive a "BY".

- If injuries occur resulting in less than 8 skaters plus 1 goalie being available for a game, teams may request an additional skater from another team.

- Penalties will be in effect.

- All referee decisions are final. Verbal and/or intolerant behaviour towards officials may result in player/team expulsion at the referees discretion and will be pending review by HOX Hockey for final expulsion.

Overtime/Tie breakers:

All round robin and quarter final games that are tied after two 15 minute runtime periods will result in a shootout to determine the winner and loser.

Semi Finals and Finals will play a 5-minute sudden death period. If there is still no decision after the 5-minute sudden death period, a shootout will occur.

The first 5 shooters from each team MUST be different players. After the first 5 shooters, the captain can choose any player. The same player cannot shoot twice in a row.